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  1. (Steam version, copied the post from steam discussion page) So i was just about to upload new playlist when i got this error message: What i already tried, but didnt work: - Restarting Steam - Uploading different playlist (it had no problem uploading that) - Making new playlist with same maps - Tried to upload separately three of those maps in new playlist and three other of those maps in other new playlist. Both playlists had same error... - Reinstaled the game - after than during playlist upload game crashed with error message: "Fatal Error, Audio Loaded, Assets Not Loaded, Init Complete, Movie Not Active, No Session Active" Note: I already have test version of that playlist uploaded with 100% same content (only different playlist name) and re-upload of that works fine. Here is how the playlist level names looks like: I was working on that playlist for few days and i hope to find a fix for this :/