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  1. I'm looking forward to the expansion. A few months ago I gave up on WoW and have recently started playing again at my own pace (Guild members kept rushing me to level etc...) I decided to jump over to horde and I'll probably stay there..I'll come back to make a worgen druid though.
  2. To be honest...I think it's more based on the fact that it takes around 6 months to get 2 character models, 2 weapons and an animal orb, if it takes that long to get something that simple in the game...Then how long will it take for something much bigger? What if behemoth added in 10 new levels (let say a new island...) 3 new bosses etc...Will that take a year? Not many people are willing to hang around to update an old game, new games will come and even when the DLC comes out...Castle crashers will only be played by the true fans of the series. Besides, the likelihood of anything coming after the necro pack is low. Once necro is out, behemoth will be on game 3 for a few years (haha) and castle crashers will be a memory for us all
  3. This ^ Great idea. I want the pink knight included too
  4. That would be a great idea...Probably wishful thinking but great nonetheless. Personally I would love to see a tie-in but I don't hold my breath about it.
  5. Is there any chance of other DLC being released for this game after the necro pack..? Honestly, we've waited for a long time and whilst I don't mind waiting (I've got a large stack of other games to keep me amused) I do feel this will be the last and final DLC pack for CC and all behemoths attention will go towards game number 3...Which sucks because I love CC and would've payed for a few more characters, additional levels, bosses etc.. That's the only reason why i'm slightly pissy about it, not because of the waiting time..But because it's generally a confirmation that nothing else is coming for CC and the necro pack is the last thing to look forward to. ~DoW
  6. Will the PS3 version have all the current unfixed glitches/problems that the xbox 360 version is suffering from? Only asking because it might cause a bit of ugliness if your going to release a game on PSN whilst you are fully aware that the game has a few problems.
  7. Can you at least give us a hint if there will be an expansion of some sort? (more playable levels?) yeah. it'll have what you want. So..we're getting the rainbow chicken?
  8. I usually vary depending on which character I’m using But my favourite so far is: Industrialist Unicorn Horn Beholder Tear down those big enemies!
  9. Count me in Sick of grouping with randoms -.- Most of them are whiney teenagers..
  10. My brush is mightier than your sword..
  11. Apology accepted - j/k "I challenge anyone who has been in the industry to complain about the online connectivity issues when considering the dynamics that go into developing and releasing such a game." Sorry..but can we ignore this? Several people are upset about the internet issues and this is just asking for a fight. I know you mean well, but lets just drop this subject for once. I've also been playing the game for months and still loving it..Slightly behind everybody else though..i'm not even going to say how badly behind I am! What is your favourite character so far? The blue knight is still going strong for me, love his magic.
  12. me! Whilst it takes me awhile to get a good game online going with three other people, it is possible for me. When you get a game going on insane mode with three other people at high levels..*sighs* its just so awesome..
  13. Wow..all I can say is thank you i'll probably be getting the tattoo done next week, is it ok for me to use the design thats on the blue knight t-shirt? I promise to send pics after its recovered
  14. Calm yourself dear, go and have a rest. Maybe you'll be less cranky when you've woken up Please everybody..don't respond to this seriously..they are just looking for a fight