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  1. sonicmariofan02

    Pocket Gives Away Free Games!

    braid looks good.
  2. sonicmariofan02


    I think ive heard this music before. it makes me feel weird.
  3. sonicmariofan02

    What are you listening to ATM?

    Adventure time theme song! :]
  4. I cant use the forum on the ps4. any reason
  5. sonicmariofan02

    Some Boss Bugs

    One time i was playing and the painter boss died but i couldnt go to the next room. Its still a good game
  6. sonicmariofan02

    Lord Gaben Wants His Money Ritual Summer 2015

    I want to maybe pick up grand theft auto 5. Many people are buying the game withoutt the sharkcard bundle.
  7. sonicmariofan02

    We Want You...

    What type of game is it? : D
  8. sonicmariofan02

    Never-Ending Post

    Could it be possible for me to win please.