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  1. Hectic_Puppy

    Battleblock Theater Glitches

    Now it reset my leaderboard rank too
  2. Hectic_Puppy

    Battleblock Theater Glitches

  3. Hectic_Puppy

    All 64 Special Heads Drawn By 64 Different Artists

    Cecil is taking a while so yea sit tight if anyone even cared :]
  4. Hectic_Puppy

    Battleblock Theater Glitches

    Somehow my story mode progress was reset or something like that. I still have the achievements and the purple A++ meter on the player stats screen but my trophys are gone. When i start up the story mode i just starts me right from the shipwreck scene. Also my options were reset like my favorite color and volume and all that jazz. Furbottoms features chapter also reset. My community theater keeps saying that its not available. This has been happening for awhile now Furbottoms feature works (for the most part) But the community theater is broken or something for me. For both of the things like arena and chapters I just cant get to it. I have no idea how any of this happened. Hope that it can be fixed :]