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  1. I really need some help here with recovering my data (As you can tell by my name) Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.... Here is a little background: My brother and I owned a console and we both had X-Box Live accounts. I played this game for a very long time and leveled my ice knight to lvl 97, among achieving all other unlockable characters, weapons, pets, and dlc etc... However, my brother bought his own console and proceeded to transfer all the data. I don't know what he did, all I know are a few key things about the data: The original console has both our profiles but the game is no longer on it, so I can't play it there. My brother's console has both of our accounts and the game as well and all of HIS data. However, whenever I log into my account on his console and go to play the game, it registers it as a DEMO. Strangely, whenever he logs in and plays it, it is the FULL VERSION. BUT, my data is not lost, thank goodness. If I log into his account and go to the game first, then I log out and log into mine, miraculously my data will appear along with it registering it as being the full game and not just the demo. What I don't understand is that the game seems to be registered to his account, which is insane, so even though I have my data and achievements still, I cannot play the game unless he logs in to the main menu first. I have not entered the map screen or bought the game on my console for fear of losing the precarious data permanently. In essence: My account is no longer registered to have the game, as bizarre as it sounds, yet all of the data remains in limbo. All of the data is hidden and can only be retrieved by logging in to my brothers account, going to the game menu, then logging into mine to register that I own the game, and thus, my data is retrieved. So, will buying the game on my console fix this issue, so that my account is registered to own the game? I'm really worried that this will ruin the data. How could my data be linked to my brothers account? Please help and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place or did anything wrong. I just want to fix this....