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  1. Hello everybody! I am teaming up with a group of friends to bring you #IsolatedMuffins. There are 3 of us. #OldSpiceCabinetSays, #PaniniSays and #LarryTheAlbinoLlamaFromGreenlandSays. We have a twitter page, IsolatedMuffins, and we want to make #IsolatedMuffins a thing on every social media site ever. I hope you guys will participate in this wonderous event! Peace, and remember #IsolatedMuffins!
  2. 15 days or so until school starts. D:
  3. I hadn't drawn out what my generated character looked like yet, but here's the basic stuff I used to make my character. Appearance: Skin: Medium brown Hair: Long, wavy, blond Eyes: Dark turquoise, small Height: A little short Weight: Quite thin Build: Narrow Personality: Courteous: Occasionally Risk-Taking: Occasionally Ambitious: Often Curious: Never Self-Controlled: Occasionally Nurturing: Often Trusting: Usually Honest: Rarely Loyal: Occasionally Affectionate: Rarely Romantic: Often Flirty: Occasionally Sympathetic: Occasionally Altruistic: Sometimes Optimistic: Usually Observant: Sometimes Logical: Rarely Social: Very solitary Emotions: Somewhat unstable Backstory: Your character's career choice was influenced by the admiration of a famous chef. The death of a mentor left your character with unfilled emotional needs. The incarceration of a mentor left your character wondering how things might have been otherwise. Clothing: Your outfit is done in dark magenta, yellow, gold, and gray. You are wearing a tunic with elbow-length loose sleeves and a gathered waist, as well as a pair of knee-high boots with heels and a corset. Name: Arakaki Masato Basic Plot: A major villain is unexpectedly pregnant with the child of a new character. Ganondorf wa sjust an averge guy. Not really that mch on the talking side or snthing. Im shure you guys all know him from LoZ Twilight Princess. #BestGmeEver. Anywyas, he was going t0 his annual check up aht HyrulCastle. When he got there, the doctor said. “Ganon” Im sorry to say you are pregnant. Ganondorf replied “WAHO! I can’t wait! Wait, whyd youn say you are sorry for me? Cuz “youwill wreck your life; Nobody can sbe a supervillain with a kid. Its not right.” Anywyas, Ganon ran home crying so manly, it stop 3 tsunamys. When he got home, he started going into labor. He thought that hae was just fat. Anywyas, this little kkdi cme out of him, he was a short thin boy. Ganondorf decied to name him Arakaki. Ganondorf didn’t want to have this kid known as his child, so he gave him a fake last name and threw him off Hyruke Castle. 15 years later, Arakaki Masato was found living as a strange little demon eating the carcuses of dead heroes tht tried to ggo through the water temple. Arakaki was raysed by 2 loving parents: Shia LaBeouf, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Arakaki was taught byh the world renown chef, mr. Mario himself. Anyways, Mario boosted Arakaki to be the best he could be, but one day the fbi cam and caught morio using rat toenails in his famous soup[. Mario was thrown into a high security pison where he was later betan up and killed by his cell mates. This left Arakaki with some emotional needs, and made im think about how it ould of beeen otherwise. Mario also made Arakaki relize he wanted to become a kknight for Hyrule. He pledged to defat Gamon, briging peece to the land. When the army arrived to beeat up Ganondoryf, he suddenly had the feeling thart he needed to save Ganong dwarfs life, but the rest o the army already killed Ganondorf. Arakaki later grew old and died alone, just like his father. Thy end,.
  4. Welp, I'm afraid we haven't managed to gather enough people. The tournament would be way too close, so I'm afraid we will have to see if more people will join next year.
  5. Alright. I'm working on mine, and the generator generates the basic plot
  6. WELCOME TO: THE FANFICTION GAME! Now that I have your attention, I'll explain. The "Players", anybody who posts a comment, will go to and pick out some of the options for the character that they are going to generate. This website has stuff from backstories to looks, although the required things are: A name. An appearance. A backstory. A sidekick. Yeah. That's how much you will need. From that point, you will want to draw out how your new OC looks. After that, find the generator that generates fanfictions on Generate the fanfiction, and throw in some random character(s) from a TV show, or movie, game, etc. Make your fanfiction as "great" and "amazing" as you can! Bee shore thatt their r nu typoes. Good luck!
  7. THANK YOU LORD GABEN! Lord Gaben has solved all of our issues! He made a new interface for Dota, and now you can join matches by searching for them! HALLELUJAH! Now, everybody join the tournament needs Dota 2 Reborn. You can get the beta by opening up Dota, and on the left you should see something about Dota 2 Reborn.
  8. I can work with the time a bit, but here I just set it up so that everybody had time to get ready. I didn't know that we had such a wide span of people in different timezones.
  9. It doesn't sound like this tournament will go through though, because everything is kind of thrown together. As the title says, its unofficial.
  10. Hello everybody! I'm assuming that when you stumbled upon this thread you were expecting a tournament, due to the name? Well, here it is! I have decided to host the Unofficial Dota 2 August Tournaments! Basically what I'm planning to do is on the first Saturday of every August, we will have a Dota 2 Tournament. Prizes will be simple, yet satisfying. I'm going to lay out the basic rules: - It will be just like playing a random round of Dota. - However, you may not ghost. (Getting a friend to spectate while you play, and there fore knowing what the enemy is doing. Your friends can still spectate though!) - Teams will be randomized through a drawing of a hat. - You will join a team and we will have 2 teams. The teams will face off, depending on how many people we have. If we have 10 people, 2 teams. If we have 20 people, 4 teams. - Everybody only gets one John, use it wisely. That's the basics. Now for more on the event itself: - The event will be hosted on the first Saturday of August, the 1st. - The event will start at 12:30 A.M. PST. - There will be a stream hosted via the channel "TheLegitKiwiOfTheFishies" on twitch. - The prizes will be a "badge" that you can put in your signature. When people ask you what it is, you can say that you rekt The Behemoth Forums in Dota 2. Now I have to post the most complicated stuff, so EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS: To join the tournament, you need: A steam account. A copy of Dota 2 Reborn. A forum account. Also, you need to join before the 1st of August. When you join, I will give you the name of the team you need to join. On the 1st, the teams will then compete against each other. The match will probably take around a hour, so only sign up if you have that time on your hands. I'm expecting to only have 10 people join, so I'm going to say first come first serve. THE MAX AMOUNT OF PLAYERS WILL BE 20. THAT WAY, THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 MATCHES AT MOST. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. That should be the basics.
  11. Enjoying the classics on SNES.

  12. While I was on vacation, we had a package being delivered. I had purchased a SNES off of Amazon, and was really excited to play it. When I set it up, it didn't work. We're considering getting a different set of audio and video cables, but they came packaged so you would think they would work. Power is flowing, because the red dot on the front is glowing. The games fit in fine, but when we look on the TV for any sign of it showing the game, it doesn't show up. Our TV is a Panasonic, if anybody out there knows what to do with it. Help is very appreciated! Never mind, I just needed a new pair of video and audio cables.