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  1. Syao


    Behemoth loves me!
  2. Syao

    The Mighty Industrial Knight

    I find the Red Knight not as overpowered as the Blue Knight. The Red Knight does have that splash that you cannot get out of, but it takes up a lot of mana, and that takes time to regenerate. Along with using other spells to avoid and deal damage, it is not at it's maximum effectiveness. Blue Knight on the other hand has spells that freeze you 100% of the time, unless you are jumping at the time you get hit by it or are using yeti. People get way more cheap with him by magic jumping everything that gets too close, and then beat the hell out of them while they are frozen. This gets worse if the person is using Rammy for their pet in the arena. He always knocks the player across from him at the beginning, and as the blue knight, you can just wait for the guy to get up, then splash him, freeze him, then beat him up and possibly juggle him. Now the other player is at around half health and the match just started. Totally fair The red knight kills a player with 2 full electrical attack,how is that not overpowered? And you can't beat someone endlessly,the will escape eventually.
  3. Syao

    GameBattles Ladder is Up!!!

    Is he a green/red knight?
  4. Syao

    The Mighty Industrial Knight

    It's not a bug..and they shouldn't fix it. If it's not really useful in the arena,how is that bad? You know what DOES need to be fixed? The red knight. He's overpowered in the regular stages AND the arena.
  5. But there is NO POINT to have MLG in this game,you can't be skillful and pwn everyone. This is not an FPS where you need to have good aim and skills..
  6. Syao

    Ultra Comboooooo!

    Doesn't look very fun to just spam that non-stop,but it's nice.
  7. What?..... WHAT?....... Are they serious? SERIOUSLY? Oh god..
  8. Syao

    Brute Magic is Epic...

    The industrialist with his saws is a killer too.
  9. Syao

    Peasant vs. Gray Knight

    They have the same main magic,just pick bombs or knives.
  10. Syao

    Castle Crashers Full Soundtrack Here!

    Anyone got a link to that beat that plays when you see the bear boss in tall grass field? It's also at the last stage when you see all the bosses going up.
  11. Uh..I hope it's free. I don't get it why they aren't in the game.
  12. Syao

    Quick atk vs Heavy atk

    Yeah,I use quick attack mainly for the start of combos. X+Y or X+X+Y
  13. Beat the arena next to the blacksmith to unlock the barbarian. Beat the Thief arena to unlock the thief. You can't unlock them in co-op? I played those arenas with 2 more guys and we got nothing.
  14. Syao

    Downloading now.

    26% My friend just downloaded the demo in like..10 minutes..ugh
  15. Syao


    As expected from this game,awesome!