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  1. I have to agree. Sometimes, even when "zoomed out", I still dont have a good/proper view of the battlefield. I would like to see a third zoom setting, slightly more zoomed out than the max we currently have.
  2. Thank you for moving the post. As for your answer, there are two problems with this. The first one being that I need to have played co-op with someone (and none of my friends sadly own the game, and I dislike playing with strangers), and the second would be that it would be a pre-set team, which would still not be same versatility one might desire. There are a couple of characters that require two slots, so having 12 available slots would allow for more fun with that. 6 trolls?....... why not? 2 trolls and 8 unicorns? Sure :D. I do expect this to happen at some point. I mean, the game seems to be fully developed and designed for a "full" 12 slot party already, so it seems likely to happen. I just figured it would be nice to re-iterate that some people (or in this case, myself) would like to have more controllable characters in one setting. With all that said, IS there a way to currently help out with the game testing? Or is it currently just "report a bug" only?
  3. First of, my apologies for posting in the CCR forums, but Im not able to post in the correct forums. I bought Pit People a couple of days ago after watching a video of Jesse Cox and TB playing it, and I immediately loved it. However, there is something I dont like. In single player mode, we have 6 units to chose from. In co-op mode, we have 2x6 units, plus many more enemy units. That kind of annoys me, as I would like to fight more enemies and control more units as well. It would feel more like actually controlling an army. I am reminded of a game called "Orcs must Die 2", where you control 10 traps to murder an army of orcs and allies making for the exit. In co-op however, you and your friend split the traps, into 5 each. So my idea for Pit people is the same idea. Give control of single player over 12 slots, so you can have more versatility in your army setup, and fight larger armies (which also gives you the "fuller" experience). With that said; I am so anxious to see how this game further develops. Ive had so much fun with this already, and I've been a fan of this style of game ever since newgrounds (where one of my favorite games was "Dad 'n Me", so I recognised the style of Castle Crashers immediately). I wish the developers the best of luck, and if there's ever further testing needed I'd love to help out. This game is a gem.