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  1. GT: IMPOSSABLANK Playlist Name: The Hat Trials So I've had some time to make a new solo playlist! Okay maybe 3 years was a bit long but look! Levels! This new playlist (for xbox players) is called "The Hat Trials" and took me about a month of mostly active build time to create. I consider it my best playlist. The playlist includes lots of interesting platforming (a lot of hard platforming if you aren't very experienced), a few tricky puzzles, and lots of originality (as far as I know). This is a playlist that I am very proud of and I hope you guys enjoy it. If you like it you could always check out my other playlists, such as my partially rushed solo adventure "Selgnirp" or my featured playlist "Dead Friend". if only they still featured levels ._.
  2. I’ve been inactive for the past few years, but I made a new BBT playlist!  “The Hat Trials” is the first playlist I’ve released in 2(?) years so go check it out :)

  3. Learned this was featured again when I got a message on xbox telling me this playlist is impossible...
  4. FNAF was released in 2014... So 2 years later and the fanbase is still a thing.

    1. yugo657


      At least it isn't milked anymore (besides the movie, book and RPG...)

    2. True213


      Have to give Scott credit for keeping it alive as long as it has been.

  5. Banned for banning him for posting a link.
  6. My birthday is on sunday (the 13th). Yay :)

  7. If your like me and always get runs with a consistent 2 damage the entire run, you might want to try seeds... Post some fun ones here, say what platform it's on, and if its afterbirth or rebirth
  8. So this is the final feature for a while, and the final head seems fitting.
  9. Banned because the number 8 looks like a snowman.
  10. Hey, don't back out on us yet, We've got a coop feature for you next week! Ohh yeah...
  11. Banned for implying that a post from 2009 in late 2015 is young.
  12. Shoutout to YOU the reader, for being in the future...

  13. I would 420 qwik scop some nubs What would you do for superpowers?
  14. I hate that part, I still dont know how to do it the right way, but I jumped in a 1 pixel thing on the same block as the sawblade and then jumped over, but I think the legit way is getting a lucky perfect jump.
  15. That makes you a polynigmion... (once you take trig 7 you'll be SUPER offended)
  16. I sorta wish there were secret special heads only unlocked by doing special things, like watching the entire credits to the game, or getting the full purple beam, pr getting every normal head, or getting a level featured... There was a lot of things you could do for that, but featured levels are good too
  17. I was almost surprised that it wasnt featured, but then I realised that it was featured on the steam version, because it's sooo good.
  18. I was playing through this, I'd already braten it before it was featured, I get a gem and stamper says "Have you done this before?" I laughed
  19. All I need for plat god is B girl and Meat boy. Pc players only have to hold R Console players have to go Pause-Down-A-Loading Screen-Up-A-A-Loading screen Ive gotten BoR 7 times and have gotten Conquest every time.
  20. Fez Cave Story Undertale Halo Minecraft... I like those ones
  21. Or a final unicorn, making a rare head common again... The fun part of bbt is that the rarity of heads change every few weeks, like the king head.
  22. (Patiently waiting for afterbirth to release on consoles)