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  1. SnapGuy1337

    All 64 Special Heads Drawn By 64 Different Artists

    Hands off Behemoth Head! I wanna do it! >=3
  2. SnapGuy1337

    So I Drew This A While Back...

    Thanks Dude... gamer! XD /shot
  3. "Don't encourage them, let's be mature about thi- FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" in Muckles =P
  4. SnapGuy1337

    So I Drew This A While Back...

    Thank you Morg-senpai~!
  5. SnapGuy1337

    Soldjermon's Derp Drawings? >3>

    These look amazing! Keep it up! How do I draw as well as you? Teach me!! O3O
  6. SnapGuy1337

    So I Drew This A While Back...

    Thanks! ^^ The drawing was drawn on paper, and the background was just the design on a paper file. I took a photo of it afterwards on my Instagram before putting it on other areas. So yah, thanks again!
  7. SnapGuy1337

    So I Drew This A While Back...

    What do you think, and how should I improve? (sorry the image is quite big)
  8. SnapGuy1337


    Superman was then attacked by 17 zombies who pounced on his head. Superman drops the cup of coffee on the floor screaming. To save Superman, you reach into your pocket and pull out a...
  9. SnapGuy1337

    Useless Super Powers

    The power to doze off instantly, but only at 11PM sharp.
  10. SnapGuy1337

    The Fail Game

    Fails because it's pirated. Please laugh... Yarns.
  11. SnapGuy1337

    Users Vs Mods 2.0