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  1. Cheers Koen, Roy. That's the sort of hope I needed. I think Sony's problem (aside custom hardware in PS3) was the year late release also. It saw a lot of PS2 users change to MS because no one wanted to wait an extra year for next gen games. That would have offset sales on CC too as well as the late release. Nevertheless, as much as I come off like a Sony fanboy, i'm just a general gamer and love TB games. I plan on picking up a PS4 first at the end of the year so it'd be nice to see Behemoth games come into play and with Sony's free publishing and basically ushering Indie devs in the doors I hope that TB gets on that. If not i'll be coughing up for whatever they release anyways. Still have my AH PS2 copy and will never let it go XD
  2. And Sony hit it out of the park with the PS4 (which is running x86 like a PC as opposed to custom hardware like Xbone/PS3) what are the odds of BBT, Alien Homonid HD or even a re-release of Castle Crashers w/DLC? I mean the open doors to indie devs combined with not publishing fees AND the easiest platform to develop for has got to have made a difference right? I mean look at those pre-orders..
  3. To train their scalps Why are spiders lazy and lay around all day?
  4. Dark Souls, Breath of Fire 2 and Tales of Symphonia
  5. Looper 9/10 Taken 2 - 7.5/10 Why not? I loved the original Aliens. I loved Prometheus. Mainly because I don't go to the cinema to puppy about how something is different from another movie. The movie was set in another time and on another planet and yet you see all these die hard fans whining. You'd think you'd see more support for the prequel to a possible revamp. Off that BS though, how good was the 'removal of foreign body in male calibrated surgery' scene. ANd then she ran a marathon. What a champ! lmao
  6. I actually just 100%ed Gunstar Heroes last week XD I hear ya dude. It's because there is no patience anymore. It's all 30 mins of cut scenes, auto save, 5 minute playtime, checkpoint, and hour of cut scenes and the game is over. No appreciation anymore. It blows =/
  7. Perhaps The Behemoth should complain or push for it. Send them an angry letter lol. Plenty of people want it. Xbox has them both, Steam has them. PS3 has one (or in my country neither) and that's a real let down.
  8. You sig reminds me of simpler times when I didn't have to work and support a family lol. Also 3 Jigglypuffs would make it easier to sleep
  9. I cannot believe the DLC isn't out for PSN.. I'm in Aus and don't even have Pink Knight yet.. Kinda over waiting.
  10. That sucks man. I've had a playstation die on me before but i've had 2 xboxes die on me also. Don't be disheartened dude. It took a lot of abuse for my first PS3 to die. I'd say save $380 for a 300gig and start over That or fix it yourself
  11. I'm on the BBT for PSN bandwagon too. I love The Behemoth games and sold my Xbox because I was only playing it for Halo. =/
  12. A port to PS3 would rule. I'd buy it straight up
  13. That is a kickass guide dude. Def gave me some pointers to refine my stratergy =)
  14. I upped my game data to my Playstation Plus account and switched playstations.. seemed to work for me =/