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  1. Kingdom Hearts was my thing, and I never actually finished, played through the second game but never finished the first one, I played Sunset Riders, and it's still really fun. BURY ME WITH MY MONEY! That's something I'll never forget.
  2. Already got mine, let October 30th come!
  3. Never been a problem to me, haven't turned into a sociopath................ yet. And plus, my dad likes the games too. About CBS, I used to watch a lot of Dora The Explorer. Rick & Morty?
  4. I'm already throwing money at my screen. Saturday afternoon?
  5. You get electronic scrap. I insert a clever joke.
  6. My Pichu will mess you up! Vigilantes?
  7. I just watched the first episode from Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix, it's pretty funny.
  8. You get 10 year olds saying that you don't know how to play COD. I insert a cowboy hat.
  9. Still haven't finished. Negasonic Teenage Warhead?
  10. Uh, have you guys watched Kung Fury? Nazi arcade machines, laser-raptors, Thor, and barbarians with chain guns. It's an independent movie, I'll leave it here. (They swear, sometimes)
  11. I went on a mystical trip while listening to Starman and eating baby ice cream.

  12. I'm pretty hyped about their new album, so here it is.
  13. I've been watching a lot of Shimoneta. That anime is super funny, lots of dirty jokes and bad language. Plus, our heroes wear panties as masks...