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  1. i actually discussed this with chris chandler. what youre all missing is that the golden stars on the bear's chest are actually sonichu's father, and the first symbiotic biological life on earth.
  2. skylatron i have one question if you are the chosen one how many eggs can you fit in your mouth? they must be scrambled. the quantity of scrambled eggs in your mouth at single moment is very important. for science. also how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  3. Huh, I would've thought there'd be more in the 20's/30's from Newgrounds days
  4. hi guys i do professional art professionally. i drew horatio because i really like him from pit people and i like blueberries please provide comments and criticism now i havent had time to color yet but that should be easy i have some crayons and colored pencils so it'll be no problem p.s. call me dan paladin for hiring purposes
  5. MICROSOFT DOES WHAT NINTENDO'NT hahha get it? cause its like that one slogan from the console wars????????? hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahah
  6. i have a really good idea for a chest system ok so on character creation theres a slider called "Chest" and if you slide left u have small fun bags but if you slight it all the way right you get big ol watermelon sized jugs. patented. pay me?
  7. i wanna be able to shoot myself into the ground super fsat then i'll shoot out the speed of approximately 500m/s with enough fuel to sustain my ascent through the atmosphere. when i hit my apoapsis i'll prograde until i reach orbit. at this point I would like the ability retrograde and do a sub-orbital butt-smash. This will be an ultimate attack similar to when pac-man eats a power pellet. only the power pellet will be a giant piece of cheesey potato casserole. the recipe is as follows. 1 bag of southern style hash-brown potatoes a container of sour cream a bag of 4-blend mexican cheese a can of cream of chicken or if you're gluten free go with cream of mushroom that doesnt have any gluten in it chopped kielbasa or turkey polish sausage. Mix all in large bowl. add sausage. Add habaneros if you like to spice things up and get things going hog-wild. now you wanna cook it at 400F for about an hour and 15 minutes. when its prepared you can eat it it right out of the baking dish its really good anyway once you eat this in game and you do the sub-orbital butt slam it does not come without a price. to balance the 99999 damage all ENEMIES IN THE GAME take you will take 3 turns of no attacking cause that wouldnt be fair if you could just spam this. i also want hats and to be able to use gaben bucks to buy slaves oh and a rhythm game cause i wanna get my groove on, you know? like when im cookin my tasty tato casserole i wanna be movin and groovin like steve perry in Strung Out.
  8. hi i was super duper excited after i saw video hopefully this will be released soon so i can rub my arms together in joy. i especially like the music it is exquisite much like when you go to a restaurant and order the liver and then you get the liver and youre like "holy crap!!!! this liver is actually good!!! iw as getting dinner for my dog and then i took a bite because i was curious and it turned out to be excellent! sorry pooch this liver is mine!" in commemmoration of this radical video and game coming out soon i have created a great piece of art. unlike the gameplay, this piece of art took much longer than 20 minutes. i mean you guys shouldnt feel bad that you cant draw this well but if you want lessons or something let me know im pretty good and i wouldnt be surprised if mr paladin calls me up after this post. i feel it may be a bit too avant-garde for your style though.
  9. hi guys!! thank you for your responses you really straightened me out Can honestly say I laughed reading this. Well done guys, you made my day. this post is no joke I am being completely serious here and if you cannot take this serious then i think we cannot proceed. i am sorry but i am going to have to let you go but feel free to use me as a reference on your professional forum-user application. i will be sure to put in a good word or two and i'll leave out the part where we touched butts
  10. Hi The Beth Moth, I had the darnedest time creating an account. Before creating an account on this website it required me to name the animal in this company's logo. No matter how many times I input "shark", "dolphin", "manatee", "sting ray", "kanye west", or "starfish", I kept getting an "incorrect answer" message. I had to pull out my "know your animals" book from when i was like, 15, and that poop took me forever to go down all the animals until I happened upon the right answer. I think it was like, chicken, or something. Anyway, this entire process has been hog-wild and I'm downright flabbergasted how a company that in your previous game clearly showed that sea creatures, such as the one in your logo, are sharks, can feel any honor or respect bamboozling people like me! Please fix!