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  1. Ok but this doesnt explain why mydlc content is corrupt everytime i load the game and each time i gotta redownload it any suggestions? Thanks. Ps im on xbox i have the newest 250 gb xbox so hardrive is noy removable if u have xbl send me a message there gt is GhostOfKrueger if not reply here and ill check later on
  2. Sorry corrections need to make to my previous post if u can guess the closest date to release date you would win a prize once again i do apoligize im using a phone to type... as my comp is normally used and i cannot get on to use it .
  3. This game makes me mad tryed playing again nope still makes me mad lol
  4. Call of duty.... its the same crap over and over and over qnd over need i say more?
  5. You can change the location settings through profile but i beleive it will not change the console just the profile as the console was bought and activated in the asian region so i would tell him to buy a new xbox 360 and this will change his region to north america and not atay asia which will also help with connectivity issues
  6. Bf3 ftw fav class medic best weapon m16a3 kobra rds underslung rail with m320 buck attached (allows better acc at ranges and reduces vertical recoil) and flash suppresser which also reduces vertical recoil currently running an94 with us holo HB underslung rail with GP-30 dart dart for those who dont know what it is if u attach a m230 to a russian AR it becomes a gp30 because u cannot attach a m320 to a russian AR m230 buck becomes a gp30 dart idont know why the m320 shotty is callef buck when a 40mm shotgun shell consists of 12 tungstin darts
  7. Well if they made a contest of if u can guess the clos prizeest release date u win a prize buttype thing id guess but eh could be as same length as castle crashers