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  1. Click for a surpise... www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoxRKwonderpuff36Y
  2. SwAg_OuT_MaX

    Best Pokemon

    It's too tough to narrow down to one, but all the dragons in every generation are nasty (Dragonite, Salamence, Haxorus, Garchomp, Hydregion, etc.) and I like Scizor as well, he is pretty good.
  3. I'd argue it's the best Cartoon Network show. Like, ever. As well as watching that I've started watching the X Files. It's great, it's so silly. Rick and Morty is great to, I've been watching the first series. I could never get interested to any of the new shows on CN, but for me Regular Show has got to be my favorite even though I don't watch it anymore.
  4. Granted, but everyone in the world will become smarter then you. I wish I had some money
  5. One of my favorite rappers from my hometown
  6. Looking only for people to play insane mode with (I have beaten with around 6 or 7 characters) PSN: SwAg_OuT_MaX
  7. I have it on PS3 if anyone needs it: SwAg_OuT_Max