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  1. Leifster2003

    Helping Insane Mode Players

    Just message me on xbox I dont think I have added you yet, whats your GT?
  2. Leifster2003

    Top 5 Characters For Arena.

    If you want to destroy me, go ahead. Leifster2003 is my GT
  3. Leifster2003

    Top 5 Characters For Arena.

    you find arena matches on 360? I barely do, and when I do, its just people spamming RT+A as gray knight...
  4. Leifster2003

    Top 5 Characters For Arena.

    Like I said, this is my opinion. In my experiences I never really run into good players in arena, which sucks for me because I like a good challenge.
  5. Leifster2003

    Top 5 Characters For Arena.

    Sorry, for some reason it says Insane, Ill be fixing it. Its for arena.
  6. Leifster2003

    Top 5 Characters For Arena.

    This is MY OPINION(THIS IS FOR ARENA, FOR SOME REASON IT SAYS INSANE) 5: Red Knight Red Knight is an all around quite good character, mainly because of his irritating RT+Y, because if you can consistantly lock people in it, they will die. Only number 5 though because Rammy is quite popular in arena, and that counters it. 4: Blue Knight Blue Knight is a solid character, for his ability to freeze people then begin juggling. He is alsy useful to get out of situations where he would have died if he was not blue knight. His main counter is Yeti, but not very many people use it in arena as of my knowledge. 3: Saracen/Bear These two can jam you into a wall, the only problem is that its hard to pull off and other than that, these characters are outclassed by the above two. 2: Industrialist/Fencer Also possibly the most popular characters, these have amazing magic, being able to knock you back constantly if they are good. The magic does high damage, and the characters in general are great. 1: Orange Knight The orange knight in my opinion is the best arena character in the game, because out of all RT+Y, his goes the farthest, so if you are good with magic AND juggling, you can dominate quite easily.
  7. Leifster2003

    Best Place To Learn Juggling?

    I personally would suggest online arena, but no one is on it anymore. Thats how I learned and I am STILL terribad.
  8. Leifster2003

    Who Wants To Do Insane Mode With Me[Xbox 360]

    Im down this weekend, GT is Leifster2003.
  9. Leifster2003

    Helping Insane Mode Players

    I'm down, I want my skele done with insane. GT is Leifster2003
  10. Leifster2003

    I Have Finally Finished The Ultimate Challenge

    You. Are. A God. Nuff said
  11. Leifster2003

    Play Co-Op!

    Ok, as long as its before 4:30pm Pacific Time
  12. Leifster2003

    Play Co-Op!

    Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone wishes to do castle crashers co-op. Heres some helpful info: XBOX LIVE GT:Leifster2003 I am 12 years old. Do not call me a squeaker, because I am not. I am NOT one of those troll @$$holes, you should know that. I have a lot of DLC characters(randomly was able to get Pink Knight for free ???) Just tell me here, and add me on xBox Live! EDIT: My internet isn't always so good, so I can't ALWAYS play online. Don't forget that. I also have this sort of stuttering/stammering issue, and please respect it when I don't talk much.
  13. Leifster2003

    Hazard's Castle Crashers Tier List V1.0

    Leifster2003's Top Ten! 10. Orange Knight 9. King 8. Pink Knight 7. Blacksmith 6. Red Knight 5. Fencer 4. Necromancer 3. Skeleton 2. Blue Knight 1. Industrialist BTW good thread.
  14. Leifster2003

    The Complete Castle Crashers Boss Guide!

    Yeah, thanks. Whats remastered? Never heard of it.
  15. Leifster2003

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Weird DLC Idea: The Black Knight Bundle! Includes: Black Knight Character(basicly gray knight but black) Black Sword: +2 Strength +1 Magic +2 Defense -2 Agility Animal Orb: Skellington increases chances of critical hits.