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  1. Playlist Name: Madness Medley Gamertag: Daddyo ZZZZZ Playlist Type: Arena Mode: Ball Game, King of the Hill, Muckle, Color the World, Soul Snatcher Levels: Ball Game Teleport Throws - Jump in through the portal to play-but be careful! You might wind up in a trap! I'm A Fan - Grab the ball, and throw it in a hole! Protect the switch closest to your spawn, and press the other to get the ball in the enemey's hoop! Super MarioBowl - This Mario inspired map a has some teleport pipes for fast travel! King of the Hill Royal Chamber - Destroy your enemies by shoving them into one of the holes, and sending them to a spiky, wet, explosive, or toothy death. Watch out above you! Erupt - Travel into a volcano, and obliterate your foes with spiky traps on the sides! Dethrone - Protect your throne, while attacking the other to gain control! Muckle Shocking Charge - Try not to be electrocuted, while electrocuting those who want to electrocute you! Whew. Cavern Fights - Climb the walls of this cave, and punch your enemies off! Teleportal - Jump in a portal to travel to your foes quickly-or fall to a well coordinated grenade! Color the World Color Me Hungry Why So Blue Don't Eat Paint Soul Snatcher Heaven Hell Tiny Theives I hope you enjoy! Have fun wrecking face!
  2. Granted, but you somehow fail each and every one of them, and cannot take them again. I wish that I could have a lifetime's supply of fully cooked, unburned bacon that is not poisoned or corrupted in any way, so that it won't make me die, become ill, become injured, have bad luck, make aliens attack, or else inflict any harm or negative effect on any creature, human, plant, object, time, gas, solid, liquid, plasma, or peaceful alien, but deters anything that can possible ever inflict harm or negative affects on any of these mentioned objects, even if I give someone else some bacon. I does not, and will not teleport to any other world or location inaccessible by me, will not travel through time, and is safely locked in a special refridgerated room. The bacon will not mold, or grow anything or any disease that could possibly bring any negative effect on anyone. Nobody can possibly steal the bacon, or eat it without my permission. It will not start any kind of apocalypse, or cause whoever eats it to turn into zombies. That should cover it all.
  3. The ability to breathe underwater, but only when you're not touching water.
  4. Good playlist! My personal favorite was Wipeout 3. Keep up the good work!
  5. The Cat Guards... they are just so chubby and derpy... XD