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  1. Banned for being Morg-an Freeman!
  2. Banned for being in front of me
  3. @RHS3256 Thanks for the rating I didn't arrged this to Easy to Hard, I just done it randomly to make a story
  4. Banned for saying the B word
  5. I am now working on something Big...... Name: "Obstacle illusi" (I was going to be "Obstacle illusion", But a lot of characters....) Mode: Adventure I am planning to have to featured : )
  6. What happens if someone has 2X as that?
  7. I keep hearing a train, is that normal?

  8. The way this game works is you Pretend that you got something better than the other comment..... _____________________________________ EX: Willson: I got $1! Dixle: I got $2! beat that! _____________________________________ Do we got that clear? okay then
  9. Q: Why did I slam the door? A: Cuz that guy has a gun
  10. I am going to say that my fav. is the triangle head with the Smart glasses and the Mohawk-like hair
  11. Do you know the muffun man?

  12. Once you grab a banana, there's no turning back....

  13. "If you Donate money for people with Diabetes, We will give you free cookies."