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  1. Hey guys I'm back! Sorry, I've been getting caught up in school, game development, life, the usual.

  2. Christmas

    The Castle Crashers Army!

    You can get cards by playing the game, and you get badges for completing a set of cards. For every badge earned through the cards, you can earn an emoticon and a wallpaper.
  3. Christmas

    Taking Custom Head Requests!

    Pfft, you just made it easy for me. Might have to shave his beard a little though. I can do this. (I think.) Working on this one first! I want to get the artist's permission first (someone named Cyrus), so that way there's 0 percent chance that I can get sued.
  4. Christmas

    The Castle Crashers Army!

    As a Christmas Tree, I confirm the post above If you have any questions you can message me here and/or on Steam! We've got some fun stuff brewing for the tournament, so stay tuned!
  5. Christmas

    Taking Custom Head Requests!

    I'll get these done in the next few days! Sorry on the delay RedHotSword!
  6. Christmas

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

  7. Christmas

    Clash Of Clans

    I quit back in January, I now have more freetime because of it
  8. In the Ending Party, it is in the dig spot near the thief shooting arrows. Be warned, you will need 2 players to get it. Hey, is this true? On my digging spot guide I've had a few people mention it and I saw a post somewhere saying it's impossible. Sorry, I don't mean to make it sound like I'm calling you a liar, I'm just looking for clarification.
  9. Christmas

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Oh! I thought he was talking about this week's! My bad.
  10. Christmas

    I Am Making A Game

    This looks amazing! You sir, have stolen all of my upvotes for the day I think that you could possibly show the strain on the bow? And do you have a rough ETA of when this is coming out, unless it already is?
  11. Christmas

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    The new head this week is Rammy for completing Furbottom's challenge, but you get The Barbarian and Giraffy for logging on.
  12. Christmas

    Taking Custom Head Requests!

    I've finished them now! Click here for the album (Please note, I've been having trouble getting the white outlines coming out, but in game they are not noticeable.)
  13. Christmas

    Fast & Awful Art

    Christmas's Words Echo... "Envision me"