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  1. jonah

    You're banned!

    banned edit: because ban
  2. jonah

    Photoshop(Not Really)

    no magic happening edit: I swear, if this gets reported for sexuality or something, I am going to impersonate myself, and go inactive for a couple of years
  3. jonah

    You're banned!

    banned because its been awhile and I got abducted by aliens, brainwashed, and now I've forgot how to play the game
  4. hey everybody, joyes world tour here, im baaaaaack

  5. mmmmmmmm, Spanish now? 44
  6. but i win (how are you even sopposed to win?)
  7. wow, thanks! (a little late, but it works(meaning i was late, not u(keep doing gud works)))
  8. ill get it done tommrow =DPS: i really like that idea i cant wait to draw it ^ - ^ PSS:its also my favorite Request so far! =D I like that you like that I like shovel knight
  9. I'm not joking, I was originally going to be the behemoth or a chicken