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  1. Banned for exactly the same reason!
  2. Banned for having solid gold and purple lasers!
  3. Banned for being an ice knight
  4. Will it give me an alert when you invite me? Edit: Oops! Sorry for double posting!
  5. Do you think popular youtubers are getting worse? Well, I honestly feel like the popular youtubers are getting worse and worse, I may be wrong, but that's how I feel. SkyDoesMinecraft used to be good, but when he got really popular he stopped swearing, and I do agree, sometimes he swore so much it got annoying, but most of the time it was funny. Now, he's not even mentioned anymore. Same with Tom Ska, the new asdf movies are stupid. They were good till 6. 7 was ok. What are your opinions?
  6. Xbox One is da bomb! I love it!!! I always, thought, what could be better than a Xbox 360? Xbox One is!
  7. Banned for being a new chicken