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  1. That's pretty lame considering It still records my achievements. Man, if I would of know just moving your hard-drive erased your data I wouldn't of risked it. Achievements are stored and recorded on your hard drive. The data for CC is not. It is recorded over LIVE.
  2. Shesjustaglitch, You are incredibly wrong. The Grey knight unlocks Stove Face. Everyone knows that.
  3. Signed, Best arcade game evar! I would have bought this if it came out retail.
  4. Ya, I've beaten every level I can so far, I remember seeing it, but i was playing with 3 other people and someone else picked it up and i couldnt remember where it was. Thanks.
  5. Hey, can you guys tell me where the golden steering wheel I need to travel on the ship is?! I have the compass and I know where the spyglass is, but i need that damned wheel!
  6. hey guys, what are you doing to pass the time? i am on the forums. lol. but seriously. i just watched two movies. yay. 15 MINUTES!!
  7. beat what? meat? I haven't done that. Maybe I should to kill some time... Naw, get that thought out of your head He only beat some people to posting before him And Adman, almost exactly one hour. 2 at the latest. Half an hour after it comes out me my sis and Desert Thug will prob play, u want in? we will do a bit of everything.
  8. I'm going to try to stay up all night, i wake up at the same time every day, even if i went to bed a few minutes earlier. I got 5 cans of Pepsi to keep me awake.
  9. I'm stuck shoveling 7 tons of dirt for my basement to stop leaking. ALL WEEK. At best I'm probably going to play LoZ:LttP from about 7 PM - the game releases. Consider yourself lucky Damn thats rough! I've done my share of land scaping and shoveling myself. I'm going to be playing a show 2 hours away on thursday. Then I start class the next day, were going to be at the venue till 1 a.m then we were crashing at a friends place. I'm going to be so tired that next day, at least I get a weekend full of CC Ya, but that time until the weekend is going to take forever, and then the weekend will fly by! lol its true
  10. Holy turds, i looked on the other people viewing this and i saw danp! HI DAN! WHAT R U DOING HERE SO latE?!?