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  1. However, I do not like this "table" content. The whole page looks... not good. For me, it is about the design as well.
  2. I won't transfer my data. At least not until the point I have unlocked all characters, weapons and animal orbs. It would take the whole fun if I had everything unlocked already.
  3. Fighting the trolls in thieves forest for 30 - 45 minutes gives about 50k XP if you have as little strength as possible. The rest of the XP came as I played through insane Ah, you kept the boss alive and killed his minions the whole time? Still, it's exhausting I guess, especially since you need to pay attention not to kill the boss.
  4. Nope. I do not like the overall design of the wikia communities. Look at at the character page and you see, why the castlepedia rocks!
  5. How the hell did you do the leveling? I still remember that I managed to get some characters to 99, but only with the help of the boomeran glitch and the PvP fight at the end of the barbarian boss... but doing that legitimate is incredible!
  6. This is a great guide! Generally, all of your guides are incredibly useful, especially with the inclusion of Aicho's tiers as well, which gives a little bit more "objectiveness" to the whole article. However, I would absolutely love to see an own "Guides" subforum which would add quite a bit of clearness to the board, since there are numerous useful guides out here.