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  1. could you add me? GT: cd crown Don't know what times I'll be on though.
  2. What!? I don't know why you can't log in even with my password... oh well It was accidentaly set to private. My bad. Fixed now.
  3. I'm not recovering my GT on their xbox hardrive. I'm taking MY HARDRIVE and MEMORY CARD over to HIS house and putting MY HARDIVE and MEMORY card into HIS XBOX. When I do this I go to play castle crasher but the game is not there, the only options are buying it and downloading the demo. I've download castle crashers at MY HOUSE onto MY HARDIVE but he hasn't downloaded it to his xbox.(if this matters.) Hope I've made myself clear.
  4. hmmm it appears you need my login there a way to make it so anyone can see them? If not I'll tell you my pass as long as you don't take this account(even though its not the one I normaly upload pictures to)
  5. I am on my gamertag on my hardive that is in my friends xbox.
  6. That would be awesome! Thanks! I'll upload them too photobucket even though some of them aren't the best. EDIT: Should Work.
  7. I don't know if this belongs here or not. Well I've had Castle Crasher downloaded to my hardrive and I took my hardrive to my friends house and I can't play castle crashers there...does anyone know why or can help me?
  8. you won't unlock any characters unless you do all of the levels and I'm not sure if you get the skull.
  9. I personally drew every char/enemy/boss/pet in the game. (for an RPG game I'm working on) I could show you some if you want.
  10. Thats exactly what I thought. The wizard promised him the orange princess if he would defeat the knights.
  11. Can you add me? I've tried to get people to help me but no one ever does. GT: cd crown
  12. Ya I just got flash from a friend....for "free" I love drawing in it and animating little videos. BTW nice security guard.