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  1. I figured out why it wasn't working. To download your Xbox 360 save you don't hit RT at the main menu screen. You have to go into the statistics screen and you should see the prompt in the bottom left hand corner that says to press x to download 360 data. Maybe they changed it or mine was just different, but you may want to adjust the original post to add this in.
  2. I never checked but the Xbox is mine alone with not other consoles in the house so if the default setting is non-file sharing then I would have to say yes it's set as my home console. I tried both methods with the One off and on while uploading the data from the 360. It would seem a few people on my friends list are having the same issue. The one thing we all have in common are that we have changed our gamertags since playing the original Castle Crashers. Now when I say changed tags I mean went through microsoft and just changed the name. I still have my original XBL account. That remains unchanged. In the Xbox 360 profile I have a 9 next to my GT indicating that it's been the same account for 9 years, just changed the GT. Maybe that is what's making it finicky.
  3. This post in no way helps. I am sure the OP is talking about the game not allowing him to download the data he already uploaded on his 360 to his Xbox One. I am having the same problem. At the main menu on Xbox One after uploading the data from 360 and it won't let me download it. Is there some sort of waiting period?
  4. Nobody has seemed to answer this guys statement. I too am having the same problem. I uploaded a save for the Xbox One on my 360 and now when I load the game on Xbox One there is no option to download the data save I made. Do I have to like uninstall and reinstall it on the Xbox One? I have pressed the RT in a bunch of different menus to no avail.