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  1. HattytheBrute

    Character Glitches

    But if anybody knows something it would be much appreciated if you could tell me
  2. HattytheBrute

    Character Glitches

    I doubt there is anything that can fix it besides weeks of grinding. :'(
  3. HattytheBrute

    Character Glitches

    Ok then
  4. HattytheBrute

    Character Glitches

    So I was playing around with Xbox profiles and my sister was in game with the dark wizard minion character and I logged out of her profile and info mine and my character has gone from lvl95 to lvl16 and I'm not to happy. Has this ever happened to any one else?
  5. HattytheBrute

    [27-Nov-2015] Coop Feature - Furpocalypse Now

    scratch that I got it
  6. HattytheBrute

    [27-Nov-2015] Coop Feature - Furpocalypse Now

    so are we ever gona get the fatkid??
  7. HattytheBrute

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Welcome esteemed person
  8. wanting starwars VII to comeout early

    1. yugo657


      Having it on my birthday is cool.

  9. don't discriminate the fatkid hes like the #1 helper in A.H.
  10. HattytheBrute

    You're banned!

    banned for having 8 spoilers
  11. HattytheBrute

    [13-Nov-2015] Solo Feature - Nomo Solo

    thank you for ur help kind sir!
  12. HattytheBrute

    [13-Nov-2015] Solo Feature - Nomo Solo

    im stuck on the third lvl where u have the jumpingblocks and clounds and im always one block away but then I go though the cloud and have to start over
  13. HattytheBrute

    [6-Nov-2015] Arena Feature - Hit The Big Time

    hmmm u should do lava lamp or scuba steve for the last one
  14. HattytheBrute

    Whatever You Can Do, I Can Do Better

    Im Starkiller from forceunleashed 2 and I have duo lightsabers