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  1. But if anybody knows something it would be much appreciated if you could tell me
  2. I doubt there is anything that can fix it besides weeks of grinding. :'(
  3. So I was playing around with Xbox profiles and my sister was in game with the dark wizard minion character and I logged out of her profile and info mine and my character has gone from lvl95 to lvl16 and I'm not to happy. Has this ever happened to any one else?
  4. wanting starwars VII to comeout early

    1. yugo657


      Having it on my birthday is cool.

  5. banned for having 8 spoilers
  6. im stuck on the third lvl where u have the jumpingblocks and clounds and im always one block away but then I go though the cloud and have to start over
  7. Im Starkiller from forceunleashed 2 and I have duo lightsabers
  8. it includes a lot of jumping and avoiding the buzzsaws and robots after the UFOs
  9. so any who with pit people and all coming out for the people who get it on xbox 1 and also have either caster crashers or CC remastered will they get an exclusive character for CC like with A.H HD and BBT???
  10. eating fried chicken made from solid gold except for the bone which is made from the hope diamond
  11. I can spam the boards with topics faster then you can type while eating my fried chicken
  12. a good way to kill a groundhog/gopher is to put juicy fruit gum in the hole. they like the smell of it, they eat it,then they suffocate on it.
  13. Bruh just got that head today er mer gersh the timed level is near to impossible. the first lvl out of the two have so many lasers, spikes, jumping blocks the push u in the spikes, flying cat thingys and best of oll buzz saws that kill you while the flying cats hev u stuck!
  14. banned for thinking it spooky