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  1. Finally discovered a method to permanently retain the helicopter hat!

  2. Ah, I'll have to give Dead Friend a go then! I also play on XBLA. If you'd like a hand with playtesting, I'd be glad to lend one. =)
  3. Did you know that subpixel manipulation is a thing in BBT?

  4. Kaizoblock sounds promising, and I have no idea what Selgnirp could be. Have you released any particularly difficult playlists prior to this? Also, I can't view your attatched .jpg's. Looking forward to seeing the level design!
  5. It's a wasteland in here.

  6. Hey! I've been meaning to try and connect with the BBT community for some time, but never really got around to it. Seeing as I don't have permission to create a thread, this seems like the most reasonable place to post. I've been playing for around eight months as of right now. I've achieved a universal A++ on the campaigns, and have also developed various speedrunning routes for the co-op levels as well as the Challenge playlist in the arena. I've been looking some time for active or retired players who would be willing to go through the game and help find and polish level strats. I would also like to believe I've found game tech and glitches/exploits that have gone previously unnoticed; if anyone would like to let me know if these have been discovered, or direct me to someone else who has taken the time to search out the game for quirks on a fundamental level, that would be fantastic and I would greatly appreciate it. Concerning the reason I posted in this particular thread, I would like to get into advanced, or difficult, level design. I find that too many playlists being released which are simply trolls or have weapon cats mashed all over the screen for an artificial level of difficulty. Are there any active players who would be willing to help me out there, or perhaps point me to difficult playlists which have already been completed and uploaded? I love a good challenge, and having the urge afterward to shred your controller provides that nice and juicy bit of motivation for truly sadistic level design. Or maybe that's just me. Thanks. Hopefully I'm not too late to join the community. -GG