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  1. Can someone get me pictures of the 4 main characters with NO background of any sort, just the character its self standing there?
  2. Id like an AV if possible. One with the orange guy, but not too close up, be sure to show some of his midsection. And please dont use all orange, too much orange makes it look bad IMO. Just use orange for the CC dude..please use other colors for everything else. And put H0LLATIP as the name on the bottom (the 0 is a ZERO) thanks!!
  3. Hey guys, im really new here, and to this game and BEHEMOTH overall. I decided to check out this game because the website i look at alot is getting alot of feedback on this game, and i saw this link. One question i do have is where can i get avatars and sigs made? I notice almost everyone here has some kinda of awesome sig that has to do with castle crashers. Thanks for help!