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  1. That's why it needed to be alive. for most importantly, weapons changes. buffs/nerfs characters, etc..... To know, i am thinking to make an weapon section at least in steam. it maybe will be much better, plus got a lot of time writing it.
  2. Interesting, but it seems site has been broken or somethin. you should ask someone that had/has full control of this wiki base. If doesn't help, maybe need to make *cough* new *cough* site *cough* that could take place at those two, but it would take time to update every base to make it enough informable. P.S hmm, why wouldnt to make steam one? i'm sure it will be much easier for steam users understand.
  3. Well, i think Behemoth would just update all things, to make game more better, then other new stuff. It seems a bit logic, since bugs needed to be fixed right now.
  4. Newly on the forums! Dont get discouraged!

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  5. Wow, i didnt even thought players still playing it. Well, i am in