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    Castle Crashers "error Uploading Save Data" From 360 To X1

    I just gave it a shot after your reply. Everything uploads just fine now on both consoles! Server issues earlier, maybe? Thank you for your time! Can't wait to dig into CCR
  2. Hello, I don't seem to be able to get my save data to transfer from my 360 to my X1. It simply shows a progress wheel then says, "Error Uploading Save data" when I pull RT to upload. Tried on all characters and I can't get any of them to work. My X1 has been off while I try to upload to be sure that's not an issue. I've rebooted the game and the 360 system three times now with no success. I've rebooted my router to minimize connection issues... Not sure where to go from here. I haven't ever changed my gamertag, Gold is active, and I use the same gamertag on X1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try or issues to look for? Thanks