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  1. Dear Community/Behemoth team/ etc. , I have recently purchased(on October 30) Battleblock theater for my mac and was having a blast playing it. However for some reason everytime I try to run the game through steam (since October 31) it says the following "Failed to load flashsprite shader". I have tried the following to fix this issue: re-installing the game, re-installing steam, verifying integrity of game cache, set launch options to -autoconfig and -windowed and -w 800 -h 1280, restarting my mac. Sadly, nothing has worked so far. The only thing I haven't tried so far is to update my video card, but I am kinda hesitant to do this, because I don't want to mess everything up. I have also asked a friend if he can run the game, and he had the same problem as I do. Thanks in advance -Banzaiya