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  1. I know its definitely way too early to compare if this game is better/as good as Castle Crashers, but how do you feel the game will turn out by the trailer? Does it make you excited about the game? Personally...nothings really impressed me thus far. Its seems like a Flash Game version of Super Smash Bros with some other game types in it...but then again I could be completely wrong. What do you guys thing?
  2. Sorry but the ps3 is not failure, I can name alot of great games for it. Still, it lost Sony over a billion dollars. If you can't call that a failure...then what can you call a failure? I mean, the Xbox 360 and Wii have made profit! Why not PS3. Because its too expensive, and no ones buying it. Thus, its a failure.
  3. Still...need the help. You'd be helping out all my friends too.
  4. If its lag, or something comes up, fine. But I'm sick of people quiting, either after they've lost, or right before, or if losing is iminent, ITS REALLY ANNOYING! If your going to lose, just take it. Who knows? You might win. Its really hard for other players trying to get the achievement and/or rank up in the leaderboards. Please stop quiting on purpose.
  5. I've never seen the Runner Handle... But it seems rare, and I AM a weapons collector... Can I please have... Kings Septor Rubber Handle I'll be on for about an hour today... Thanks in return. EDIT Ooops. Username is Waffles66
  6. Ninjer... Wait, isn't it Ninja. I dont know. Everyone calls him Ninjer.
  7. They look and act just like BFFs (not in a gay way at all). If you noticed on the wall on the Cyclop's level, you'll see they did alot of BFF things together like fishing. The reason his lair was all decorated is because it was a funeral for his friend. (He was going to barry him). Thats IMO.
  8. Yeah, let me tell you from experience: DONT MACHINAMAKE WITH PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!!! Only do it with your close online friends, or your real life friends. Or else everything is just chaos.
  9. I think the worst character is the Grey Knight...hes like all the other knights...just...emo... I mean look at him...so sad...so...colourless.. The worst orb is simply the biPolar Bear, because he looks like he was hit with the retard stick.
  10. Waiting one last hour... One long...LOOOOOOONG hour....
  11. Thats really interesting. Can you hand me over your XBL Gamertag so I can check and proove that your actualy playing it? If you can't proove your playing it, your a troll.
  12. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, but the word you're looking for is opinion. And if English is your first language and you still think it's "option," well, you need a lot more help than I can give you. And you're completely right. In a library of literally hundreds of titles, Castle Crashers is the first good game to come out. *rolleyes* Have fun with your Wii shovelware. Yes english is my first language I'm just have 100 replies to answer on... and yes in my OPINION it is the only good xbox game... look here for example Xbox Graphics 8 Gameplay 4 (lol it's like Nes) Design 7 (O-K) Total 18 PS3 Graphics 10 Gameplay 7 (They stole wii's motion sensor thing) Design 3 (It's so @._*^+ fat Total 20 Wii Graphics 7 Gamepay 10 (Amazing) Design 10 (thin sparkling and nice control, memory card and sd card places) Total 27 Xbox even gets pwnd in it's own + the graphics... I have no idea what your trying to say but its obvious you havent done the research. The 360 can basicaly handle the same graphics as the PS3. It all depends on who wants to make it like that (well, seeing GoW, we sure know Epic will) And how can you judge a console in Gameplay? Thats a catigory for GAMES. And how many great games does it have? Well this winter holiday theirs Fable II and GoW2, and exclusive content coming from Fallout 3 and in 2009 theirs the extended (rumord 50 hour) story mode for 360 only. The 360 is an unstoppable game-greedy jugornaut and your just going to have to live with that. (And if this is a double post, sorry)
  13. Wow...Why are you on the forums of a game that your unavaliable to play, asking for it to be moved? If its not coming to your console, to bother with the game. Just forget about it. Your just ruining our enjoyment of the game by asking for it. We own a 360, you dont. We made the choice to get one, you didn't, and now look how its paying off. Want to play great games like castle crashers? Get a 360. *Waffles66 supports this post.
  14. Sorry to break the news to you, but its an hour and a half to go. It comes out 2:00 PST. Its currently 12:30 PST. so...