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  1. Aww I'm glad that you like the bear hat! I get super excited when I see someone wearing the hat at PAX! It is true that the bear hats were super exclusive. But just like Roy-G-Biv said, we never know which prototypes / merch ideas get made. The Bitey Bat hats have been super popular and a lot of people also seem to dig the new DuckShark hats and Raccoon hats. So now we know that the Behemoth fans really do love hats! So who knows what will happen in the future...! Make sure to keep telling us what kind of merchandise you want.
  2. Hey guys! I'd like to post a Valentine's Day fan art submission from a Japanese reader. She couldn't figure out how to post an image on the forum so she posted it on her Japanese blog, but I didn't want this adorable fan art to go to waste because it's such an adorable drawing, so I thought I'd share it from my account. * I'm NOT officially submitting this because it's not fair to those who also can't for the same reasons as hers. * This is by "Konoe Kuon" (I hope I spelled your name correctly!)
  3. Oh Lindsay, if you read this, please give Anna a hug from the moderating team(yes, all of us) because the bitey bat hats are truly amazing. VIRTUAL HUG RECEIVED! Glad you like them!! I hope it'll keep your head warm and bloody. :arrow:
  4. Check out Megan's post about this update. Thanks!
  5. The Behemoth just announced the Behemoth store on Amazon! We've been slowly adding stuff to the store, but I guess we couldn't hide it from the hardcore fans! Check out the goodies!
  6. Haha That's exactly what I did when the Behemoth had a T-shirt contest back in 2010. Except the fact that I didn't really leave.
  7. Winston is a French Bulldog actually. We sometimes fold his ears down to transform him into a Pug, but he doesn't like that.
  8. Correction. ALL the Behemoth crew love Lee the Thor. I wish I could record us chanting Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! every time he walks into the office. I'm totally not exaggerating. We really do chant. Only for Lee though. Not for Dan or Ian or Emil. Just Lee. It must be his godly presence. Anyway, it was so fun to watch our top players at the Behemoth struggling. Hope we'll do it again! Keep giving us feedback, so we can improve the next streaming!
  9. Win a tournament. That's how i got mine Are you saying that you got a Hatty plush from winning a tournament? As far as I know, the Behemoth never gave away the plush Hatty. Or were you talking about something else?
  10. Glad you like my plushes! The Golden Whale and Shark were relatively easy and super fun to make. Actually he did have detachable tears! I made them with felt with a paperclip as a hook at the last minute. I don't think we have them anymore though. I should make better tears and perhaps some plushy gems for him to hold!
  11. Everyone, let's keep this thread about the Community Theater video. Thanks!
  12. Just a reminder. This is an official video from the Behemoth. (See the watermarks?) All the beta testers are still under the NDA, and the testers cannot post anything from the beta. EDIT: but you CAN spread this video all over the internet though!
  13. Aw thank you so much for the compliments!! And sorry that I haven't answered everyone's questions! I wanted to make more characters from Castle Crashers because almost all the characters have basically the same shape and it's relatively easy since I've already made some, but I totally got distracted when I saw the awesome side characters from BattleBlock Theater. I've made the Golden Whale, Duck/Shark, Raccalope (?), and Hatty so far. It's always fun trying to challenge myself to make a new shape in plush form which I've never made before. I'm sure I'll be checking the forum to see which character from BattleBlock Theater is popular once it comes out. But hey, who knows? If enough people wanted a plush from Castle Crashers, we might look into it!
  14. I've hidden a couple of posts because they contained beta related information. If you're a beta tester, this question is already answered in the forum you had to read to sign up for the beta test. Just a reminder, as Dan said in here, the beta testers are NOT allowed to talk about or answer the beta in the public forum. Please head over to the beta forum! Locking.
  15. I've hidden a couple of posts because they mentioned content from the beta. Just keep in mind that you may talk about the prisoner chart Dan posted but please do NOT talk about content that is NOT in the chart here. You can talk all about it in the beta forum!
  16. Oh yes! This comic! My internet friend (never actually met her in person) made this. I'll scan some pages and post them here. It's all in Japanese though. She had a very interesting take on what the Necromancer will look like inside his helmet... !! Oh by the way, can anyone guess what the art on the cover is an homage of? Hint: When Castle Crashers came out in Japan, this is one of a couple older games people used to describe what Castle Crashers was like. - anna
  17. Here's another one I made before! This one was not for the Behemoth, but my little friend named Trace. He loves the Necromancer so much that he gave Necromancer a new name, Jeep. So I made Jeep for him on his 3rd birthday! He still looks badass even when he's plushy, doesn't he?? You can see more photos of Jeep on my flickr and my blog!
  18. You mean Dan and Cooking Mama got to take a photo with Robert Khoo. It's totally worth going to E3 just to get a photo with Mr. Khoo.
  19. Thanks castle crasher and Enosdarom. Let your voices be heard! I actually made quite a lot of plushes for the Behemoth before I started working here. I'll put more photos of my other plushes here later for those who haven't seen them.
  20. Glad you like them! No plan on selling my hand-made plush. If we are to sell hand-made stuff, it'll be be a very limited number and exclusive, like the Ushanka hats I made for PAX East. We do want to bring something new & plushy for the Behemoth fans to cuddle with, hopefully soon!! (I totally forgot to mention but if you'd like to see more photos of the knight plushes, you can check them out on my blog or my flickr !)
  21. Hello there I'm AnnaTheRed. I make plushy stuff at the Behemoth. I also make plushy stuff as a hobby. But I like the characters from the Behemoth games so much that I often find myself making plushy version their games at home. Scary! Anyway, here are the latest fan plushes I made for my friend at Penny Arcade. I think they turned out pretty good, so I thought I'd post them on here too. **The fact that I'm posting them here DOES NOT GUARANTEE that these will be official products released by The Behemoth. I just like to make them for fun, usually for my friends.**