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  1. he also kills the bat poop from the bat boss
  2. The corn boss for me. The necromancer is easy (not his minions) if you block all his attacks. The spider form used to annoy me, then I just started eating a sandwich and punching my way over its head it made it a lot easier.
  3. I think the name of the song is Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra . It was on a Volkswagon commercial a few years ago.
  4. I would like it more if it would crit. That's my favorite ability and there really aren't any good ones.
  5. I'd take a princess theme, and definitely would like some new avatars.
  6. Hey all, just wondering who gets the money if I buy the extra gamerpics? If it's Microsoft I'm not going to get them because they've screwed me out of getting this game. I was supposed to get a red ring repair before it came out, the xbox shows up the day before, but locked up during the welcome screen so I had to send it in for repairs too.
  7. signed, but I left for work so I haven't played yet
  8. the beekeeper is awesome
  9. I'd really like a shirt or hat but didn't like any that are available.
  10. those could be the worst hosts of a video game show ever.
  11. I'm really hoping my XBox gets back from the service center in time
  12. Salty

    Wood Sign Avatars

    I think he said that he was going to quit after a few days so everyone wouldn't have one.
  13. I'd either get Alien Hominid or save it for the future DLC