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  1. Perhaps my figures were just hurting too much from button mashing but I failed 3 times at killing the boss at the wedding. Is there any strategies people would recommend (I'm a blue knight), or should I just try again later with my: freeze, bash, run away, freeze, bash, runaway attack plan? I feel so ashamed getting stuck this early in the game >_> Also, it's a pity it's not possible to save on this level. Having to go back to flower fields or whatever is bloody annoying.
  2. Ah, the glory. Level 12 at the moment and I've been pwning in the Arena I've got 4 points, and that put me at #3 spot...although I may have lost that by now. Still, seeing "DaveTheGoldfish" on the leaderboards felt right.
  3. Hehe, that bit freaked me out. Level 11 atm I think. Up to the "wedding crash" bit, and I just lost to the boss...still good fun though.
  4. Beaten a few bosses. Got quite a few levels so far (6 or 7 I think). Boosted up Strength and Defense mainly, although I just point 4 points into magic too.
  5. Bout 10 seconds till it has finished downloading. I'll talk to ya guys later. Might see you in game too.
  6. 70%...epic Took a made dump before too, so I'm all cleared out.
  7. 140mb in size. Awesome. 15% done as I post this.
  8. Thats really interesting. Can you hand me over your XBL Gamertag so I can check and proove that your actualy playing it? If you can't proove your playing it, your a troll. Come on. He's obviously joking. That was the most vaguest description of a boss fight ever and could be applied to any non-poop final boss battle. Stop taking the internet seriously.
  9. All through August so far XBLA games have come out at 1am PST.
  10. That's a retarded thing to say. Out of all the huge gaming sites I reckon IGN is actually pretty good with their scores. Anyways, it's better if they score too low than too high.
  11. 1 hour till CC is available on the marketplace IF it follows the recent trend of XBLA games launching at 1am PST.
  12. WTF are you on about - Castle Crashers being the only good Xbox game? I'm really looking forward to CC coming out in 2 hours or so, and have my points ready, but there are a freakin' huge amount of awesome games on the 360. And I very much doubt CC will appear on Wii Ware. Almost definitely too large in file size, and loads of the online features would be ruined without the use of Xbox Live.
  13. Nvm anyway. I gave up on that idea. + This thread is an accidental duplicate, so ignore it.