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  1. When I got Winston I played two games so yes I played Winston. After this I went back to the main menu. As I know it should then save all my data if you go back to the title screen Then I changed my head in the next Xbox Live Co-op Game and never took Winston again but while I change my head he was still there. And now 20 days later as I checked the Special Prisoner-List I couldn't find him anymore. Today I have seen that my brother still got Winston but me not.
  2. Yes I played together with my brother two levels after we unlocked Winston and yesterday I checked the Special-Prisoner-List on battlepedia and saw that he is gone Thank you that you have believe in me.
  3. Hi Community, Today when I played Battleblock Theater I noticed, that one of my special head is gone. I'm sure that I had the Special Prisoner Winston because I did it together with my brother and selected the new head for a short time. I have not gave him away so where he is? Someone has the same problem?
  4. Hey Community, I wonder a bit about the achievement "Jail Breaker". Description says: Free 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop. I have now 157 prisoners and this achievement will not unlocked. Does anyone have the same problem?
  5. I have now only one question. Is there an extra ending for beating the game on insane?
  6. Normal Mode = Infinite lifes Insane Mode = Only one life ( death start world again )
  7. I finished the Game but I don't understand the ending.
  8. I admire Dan Paladin. I often try do make the same art style. But unfortunately mostly without success I can post a little work...
  9. I haven't the code yet but live not in Texas. But I hope that I will get the code soon.