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  1. Savage Hobo

    “Game 4” Will Henceforth Be Known As “Pit People”!

    We haven't even had a hint of a release date yet, usually that would mean that we'll be waiting at least 3 months for release, most of the time devs won't reveal a release date like a week from after the reveal. I wish they would, would be nice to look at and see an update saying the game is releasing on Christmas Eve HINT HINT
  2. Savage Hobo

    Welcome To The Game 4 Forum!

    Hope we dont have to wait anopther 2 months for an update (Last 2 updates were 9th Dec and 8th Oct), I'm desperate for a game of this style to play, the main two games I am looking forward to in 2016 currently is Pit People and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  3. Savage Hobo

    Pit People Steam Store Page And Release Date Found

    You didnt check the site did you? Shame on you. I think you'll find that it actually updated on the same day as me posting this, also the update before the 9th of December was on the 8th of October. So thats just over 2 months away. Shame on you.
  4. Savage Hobo

    Could Game 4 Also Be On Nintendo Platforms?

    PS2 master race! But on topic, wouldn't be for at least a year until after its released, unless the reason they've stopped updating the website and such is because they're going to announce more versions of the game, would explain the development time.
  5. Savage Hobo

    Pit People Steam Store Page And Release Date Found

    I highly doubt we will see this until after February 2016 at least, the game hasn't gone gold yet and they stopped updating us on progress for over a month now. I was really looking forward to this but my interest is slowly dropping as we hear nothing.