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  1. I would love castle crashers to be put on the switch, it would be a great fit for the console. I don't think it would be physical but rather on the eshop. But Please make this happen!
  2. My current online name is "buhgingee"

  3. the unofficial behemoth discord server is up hopefully the staff of the behemoth will join and have some fun link:
  4. Ok so I know it'll be a difficult port but you could charge 0.99 for the game, but put it on both the iPhone and android
  5. idk, like for me i warm up by drawing one castle crasher and then the alien hominid guy...but in all seriousness i do draw a little bit like dan p. but try like 3 or 4 or a gajillion times till you think you got it, i did it like 2..3 times and i got it right (i think) so thats my advice
  6. i can draw like dan!

  7. can isco come up to the front, isco?