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  1. None! The industrial level solo is just a little too 'Insane' for me!
  2. I'm tryning to get back into CC right now! Havn't played in forever though.
  3. Whoa, I remember you from long ago O.o congrats on getting mod dude!
  4. I stopped visiting the forums around the time that BBT's name was announced. Does anyone still play Castle Crashers on the PSN? I would love to get in some games with some guys.
  5. Add me on PSN: Stoic Panda I havn't been on in ages but I used to be Rank 1 in Unraked Areana(Oxymoron? Maybe, but I was!) I will try getting on tommorow.
  6. What the what? Purple Knight? Damnnnn I havn't been here in forever.