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  1. Oh yeah how are you guys going to get this on the down low since info of the game is obviously going to be passed word of mouth?
  2. *Warning this is not dubstep* If you know your history this is a variation of "dub" that went on another road while dubstep took it's own. if anyone else listen to this please post your own tastes. i love hearing other peoples recommendations. http://youtu.be/gqXRx5I-0E0
  3. Yo if anyone wants to add me on steam here it is http://steamcommunity.com/id/ultrazX I mostly play tf2 and you can find me in tf2lobby because im not a hipster who pubs all day and actually likes to play with skillful people. I own three of the most powerful stranges in the world and I also own the travon protector.
  4. What it do my name is Ultraz I like the vidiya games I love DnB Also TF2 represent!!! And BBT is best indi game all years
  5. It seems like the authors really learn what they did and improved.
  6. E3 was fail in general Nintendo was the worst because they had failed to deliver even when everyone had failed.
  7. Edd never died.. he's just over dosed on coke