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  1. The way I see it is that they are all in the same universe. Game 1: Castle Crashers Medieval setting, creatures of all sorts roaming the planet. Honey Hug is seen during Castle Crashers many times. The Aliens from Alien Hominid are also featured and even have a whole level dedicated to them. The beefy alien stays on the planet after ejecting to later be captured in Alien Hominid by the area 51 guys. Game 2: Alien Hominid Modern setting (2000's), the Aliens return to the planet after being defeated by the knights. I am uncertain if honey hug is in Alien Hominid but the other evidence linking it to Castle Crashers is enough. Game 3: BattleBlock Theater Modern setting (40's I think, from the very Art Deco looking decor) At the end of the game, Honey Hug is killed by the green beam of the hat and falls to the planet. In chapter 7, the game mentions a princess nightmare which is clearly the Orange princess from Castle Crashers. Game 4: Pit People Medieval setting? ( it looks to be that way form the gameplay trailer) Honey hug has landed on the planet and spewed his toxic blood over the inhabitants. It may be that Honey hug somehow reversed time or the setting is not medieval. This seems to fit together so nicely but there are hitches and missing links. It could be the new Pixar theory or just that The Behemoth have gone over board on easter eggs and references in their games.