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  1. Hi! Sorry to hear that you seem to be running into this issue. You should be able to play the game on Xbox ONE or Xbox 360 with 2 Microsoft accounts. If you let me know which console your having the issue with we can help you get it working! πŸ˜€
  2. Some of the levels in Insane mode do not the same save points as Normal mode so you will need to complete certain levels to get the game to save. I believe for this section of the map you will need to beat Parade for the game to save. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi everyone! Fortunately, I am not a bot! πŸ€– We are still very much looking into these issues but it is going to take some time to get the fixes in since we are a small team. As for the Black screen issue, since we using the PS4 P2P services not a dedicated server, it seems to occur with users that have a download speed of 3gb and below. We will update everyone once we have further updates!
  4. Sorry that you ran into this issue, but there is a workaround. 1. First, find a friend that has Hatty unlocked with the Gem Sword. 2. Have your friend start a new game with Hatty. Make sure that they have the Gem Sword equipped. 3. Load into any level where you can quickly pick up a weapon. The easiest/fastest one to get is the Pitchfork in the first level of the game. It's right at the entrance to the Castle! 4. Have your friend pick up the weapon you found and quickly go and pick up the Gem Sword. If you did it right, the Blacksmith will tell you to come visit him, and the Gem Sword will show up in your Weapons Frog. If you are unable or do not have a friend with the Gem Sword, please let us know and we would gladly help you get the Gem Sword.
  5. Hello! You will need to log in the other Joy-cons in through the Controller Settings on you the Main Menu of the Switch. You'll need to go into "Change Grip Order" and log in the other Joy-cons. Please let me know if you're still having trouble.
  6. Hello everyone! We're very sorry you all are running into this issue we are trying to figure out what the cause is so we can get it fixed asap! Unfortunately, we aren't able to reproduce this issue. If you all could answer a couple of questions for me this will help greatly so we can get it fixed. 1. What language and region are you in? 2. Did you ever swap languages after downloading the game? 3. Which trophies were you unable to lock? Thank you,
  7. Thank you, everyone, for the added information and working with us on this issue. We are looking into the Black screen issue and will update this message when we have more information.
  8. Hi Madman5000, Thank you for all of the additional information! You will see some lagging with Nat type 2(Moderate) especially if both of you are on the same router. A couple of things you can try is directly plugging one of the ps4's directly into the router and see if this helps. Also, try and see if just one of you plays online if the lagging still occurs. Oh, one last question are you both able to connect together online you and the other person on the same router? Are you getting any laggy sections when you play together?
  9. Hello Benokojo, If you could can you list step by step of the process? We are trying to reproduce this issue but aren't able to. Thank you,
  10. It sounds like you are using Guest Profiles, which means the progress they make unfortunately can’t be saved. Only the progress of Player 1 will be saved. But if you create additional local profiles on your Switch, you will be able to save the progress of every local player! After creating additional local profiles, all you need to do is go to the Character Select screen after creating a lobby. Then have another user join and have them press the "Y" button before readying up. This should allow the other user to select a different profile to use instead of the guest profile and all progress should now be saved for everybody! Please let me know if this works out for you!
  11. Thank you so much for reporting this issue! We are having trouble reproducing this issue so if it's alright we had a couple of questions for you. 1. Are you experiencing any lag before this occurs? 2. Is everyone using a wireless or wired connection? 3. Can you please let me know everyone's NAT type? You can check your NAT type with the steps below. Go to Settings and then Network menu. Now click on the view connection status option. You will see the status of your NAT on the bottom of the screen. 4. Is anyone playing on a Playstation Pro? Thank you,
  12. Hello! Please make sure that your game is completely updated there should be a patch after the initial download. Please let me know if you're not seeing it.
  13. Sorry for the late reply! Have you tried redownloading your Xbox Profile? If not I have linked how to do so below this might help also long as you haven't started a new game. Please let me know if your able to get this working.