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  1. I'd like to delete my account and (ideally) all the comments on it for privacy reasons, I've checked everything in settings and the only answer I found was in a thread from five years ago saying you should PM a certain user (who has PMs disabled now). Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. From what I've seen so far, I think arenas are like Castle Crashers', they don't effect the battle much. I do think it would be cool tobe able to pick arenas, though.
  3. Banned for having more than 255 posts. Error.
  4. Probably, because there's Xbox One gameplay.
  5. It's a common issue online if all players have bad connection to eachother. If you want a way to fix it, there isn't a way except from quiting and rejoining (wich may make you lose your progress).
  6. I seriously might just change my signature to stupid Michael Rosen Stuff. I'I'm going to add more atupid things, or just be lazy and make THE SKYFOOGLE bigger.
  7. I seriously might just change my signature to stupid Michael Rosen Stuff.
  8. My avatar is now Michael Rosen, for no reason whatsoever.

  9. You've probably watched the movie Up.
  10. Have you seen the first 20 minutes of pit people on youtube?
  11. "Are you sure you want to quit? Your progress will not be saved".
  12. EgererYew2251


    I'm excited for when it comes to console in 2018! Battle mode just came out (well, I say that, even though it's been out for a while). It's the best update since TU19. It's the closest us console peasants have to servers, but I think it's more balanced.
  13. The XXY XXYY combo for Green Knight.... is actually really good! A lot of people don't know about it, for whatever reason, if more people did know about it I think he'd be mor popular. His magic is amazing, especially if you're against normal enemies. If you mainly use magic, I think Green Knight's the best character for you. Here are the pros and cons of him: Pros His magic DOT in total deals more damage than any otjer DOT The only enemies completely resistant to his magic are the wizard minions His magic is really good against bosses Cons His unique YY makes it harder to juggle at first His unique YY makes his best combo (XXY XXYY) deal slightly less DPS than XXYY Some enemies are resistant to his magic XYY flying is harder with him
  14. Zelda is like Naruto because I know nothing about either of them.
  15. We shouldn't get too serious on here, but what happened in the EU referendum, happened. Even if you agree/disagree with the outcome, I think it's more important that we, as a country, focus on what happens moving forward rather than what might have been had the decision gone the other way. True. I wasn't trying to be serious, though. I was just trying to express my opinion without saying something like "Now we'll ____ because of ____ and don't get me started on ____!".
  16. Oh no (people in the UK will know what I'm talking about).
  17. Banned for being a Unicorn, not a Pegasus.
  18. Do Microsoft still repair those for free? I had a few 360s die on me over the years, but tech support always told us to send them off for repair, free of charge. I don't know. It's fixed now, though, and I didn't need them.
  19. My Xbox 360 that I've had for 2 years just got the red ring.