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  1. Made you guys a quick animation! I also made this one ages ago, but there's one curse word in it! (So beware.) Happy anniversary guys!!
  2. Well, AH is my favorite game so I wouldn't mind more, of course. I'm sure there's more that can be done with the series, like visiting hominid's home world or something. But I also understand the charm of it standing on its own, so it's hard to say what would be a good idea. I would support either decision, honestly.
  3. Amazing! Great job to all the entrants. And thanks for the contest, Behemoth!
  4. This contest was such a fun idea. :] Good luck to everyone!
  5. Aaaaand something cutesy to overcome all the facehugging and chest-bursting violence.
  6. My entry! And a larger resolution, just for funsies:
  7. It's time to draw some aliens.

  8. Good starting ideas. My only criticism is not to present your work as "crappy", haha. You better let them all know that your ideas are the bomb-diggity and they should totally listen to you.
  9. I like what you're doing here. You have a pretty good sense of color. You're using cool shades for darker areas further away from the eye and warmer shades for highlights so the character pops and looks three dimensional. That's good. As for water, I would recommend just more practice. Practice practice and more practice always helps. Try being looser and sketchier at first, just to get the feel of what you're doing. Definitely look at references of water. Not just photos but also video to see how it moves and how you should do ripples. Try some atmospheric perspective as well on the water... meaning lighter colors in the background and further away, deeper darker colors up close. Even going a bit darker as you increase in the depth of the water. For the whole piece, I know it's just a quick work or a sketch, but maybe work on trying more dynamic composition. No profile views, no centering of the focal point, etc. Overall, you're doing very well. I see really good works in your future. You have a good artistic eye.
  10. hahaha definitely have a cool carefree style going on. I like it! keep updating!
  11. I like this sketch! Sketching while you're supposed to be doing homework always seems to get you the best results...
  12. Haha, it's cute! I'm guessing you used Microsoft Paint? That can actually be quite the fun program to work in. I suggest trying more pixel based stuff like sprites if you want to try your hand at it. It can be tedious, but the results can look amazing. Keep it up! Always love seeing Alien Hominid fan art.
  13. These are beautiful. Just beautiful. When I have the time I would love to try my hand at making some of these. Any tips for beginning plushie makers? But, if you want to not reveal your secrets, that is perfectly understandable.
  14. This actually looks really well done! My only real suggestion is to maybe add some yellow or orange highlights, especially on metal, that the fire would have cast. Other than that, good color scheme. Definitely has a Behemoth feel to it.