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  1. I got him! His small head size make it feel wierd to use him, but also cool!
  2. Im sorry, but I want to keep people on the lookout for hackers and just wanted to see if anyone else saw this guy.
  3. So I was playing BattleBlock Theater Xbox Live Arena and I went into the gift shop and traded with someone. He had at least 20 star heads and most of them I have never seen before. There were heads that looked like a boot and a head that was a blender and all these heads that are clearly unavailable at the moment. Did anyone see something similar? I am not lying but I am sorry that I have no photo. I have all the star heads available including the newest UFO head, so I know this is strange. Are these heads available in game as a secret or did this guy hack? Also when I started trading with him he immediatley left the game. He wanted to show me his stuff without me getting evidence of his hacking. I think I got his GT now: evil mega noob
  4. If you beat a campaign chapter without spending any gems you should get at least 100 gems. I started saving upy gems for multiplayer so I could trade them for heads. My heads cost 20 gems, so I trade 10-15 gems for a head. That is how I conduct buisness!
  5. I beat alien hominid on hard!
  6. I'll just name a couple "I traded my soul once for a glass of chocolate milk. I have no regrets at all!" "Okay kids lets be mature FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" "WHAT THE FFF- fart..."
  7. Wierd things sometimes happen to me too. I am playing co op, me and my friend activate a checkpoint flag and a few seconds later, I die (which obviously is not the problem). Instead of spawning by my friend or by the the checkpoint, I spawn in a previous part of the level (that isn't even close to a checkpoint). And this happened to me a lot. It is very minor, but gets annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but this would need to be fixed during the next update.
  8. Gamertag: DominantGamer12 (I wish I could change it for free) Playlist Name: WAR ZONE Type: Arena Gametypes: Soul Stealer, King of the Hill, and Ball Game This is my first playlist (too bad I cannot change the name, that would be a nice feature to add in the future). Thanks!
  9. SIG96, By look at the dates, it has only been 3-4 days since this topic was created.
  10. Outfits would probably not be added, because then they would have to redo the animation for the body of the prisoners.
  11. Will the new star heads be available through completing new playlists or DLC? Anyways NEXT WEEK HERE I COME!
  12. Kind of, but you can trade it with newer people who don't have all the weapons to get more gems and prisoners.
  13. I got Chicken Toucher with the first person I played with on Xbox Live. GOOD LUCK TO THE MAX