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  1. Thank you so much to hear! I did notice the amount of side quests was amazing and there were tons of unlocks to get. Im super excited to continue to receive updates for this game. Its great to have this cleared up because I was a little cofused on what you said was going to be in the game. Im so glad that you guys take the time and effort to answer questions and concerns. I will continue to play this game even without story missions. Still wondering where the other world maps are though...
  2. You guys said there would be a sizable chunk of story and more world maps. All I got was the same mission from the beta and one world map. This better be a misunderstanding because there should be alot more then just this. If anyone else has the same thoughts tell me, and behemoth you need to explain. I love this game and have loved your company since I played castle crashers in 2009. I know you guys are better then this.
  3. I have been playing the game with my brother and we just beat the helmitor castle mission. The only problem is that it skipped the space ship scene and the cutscene with the bear. Now the spaceship crashed into the wall in the toen but there is no more story missions to play. Is this supposed to happen?! If this is all there is im disappointed. You said a sizeable amount of story content but half of the mission from the beta does not seem like that. Im really hoping this is just a glitch. Edit: Forgot to mention that at the end of the mission I caught the Helmitor cyclops. Could this be it? Edit: Played the game singleplayer and found out that think it was because I shot the rockets at Helmitor while the gate was not broken. I now am at the rocket part. Final Edit: Wheres the rest of the game? A sizeable chunk of the story is not one mission. Where are the other world maps? What happend? I feel like I played a worse version of the beta no a Game preview. What is going on?