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  1. On Xbox though , have had no success in finding someone who is pro and in europe
  2. Was looking forward to doing insane mode.... Until i realize barely anyone here can help me with insane mode and lives somewhere in europe so are timezones are not a hassle. Im talking about pros who can help, because u know... randoms are most of the time noobs if u do a quick match.
  3. Hi guys in the future ill be doing castle crashers but for now i have other videos. I do let's plays like jacksepticeye, here is my channel: also if u guys want good content i suggest u don't watch before my roblox collab, (those are unedited videos) So yea don't go hating on my earlier videos please i was a noob
  4. Ok can anyone who is in europe help me? I really want to do this but with me being in europe it will be too hard to do it consistently on the weekend Now the most progress will probably be during the summer since i can play the whole week
  5. What kinda question is that? Easy one here which princess is actually a clown?
  6. Its late for me 12 am are you free tomorrow im on spring break note i live in europe so thats why my timezone is weird
  7. Seriously no one ugh i hate this i really want to beat insane mode but cant because of an inactive community
  8. Granted but you can only wish for tiny things. I wish to have infinite wishes
  9. Granted but it has poison. I wish heavy iron studios would get the rights to make better spongebob games (true story) *cough* spongebob hero pants sucks
  10. ^ You forgot to ask a question. Which 2 characters have the most op magic in the game?
  11. Its no different than posts why can't they post new topics if mods approve them? Also i put the suggestion here because i don't see a subforum for suggestions edit: Oops sorry i thought i put this in off topic arena can someone move this
  12. Since this games seems very interesting I want to get it rolling again Anyway, this is just general trivia about the game we all love: Castle Crashers! Sure, you've played it till your thumb swelled, but do you know the game inside and out? The rules: Answer a question above you, then write your own question in the same post. So without further ado, allow me to post a few questions for you of varying difficulty! 1. Which of the following enemies does NOT appear in the Necromancer fight? a. Snakey b. Industrial Knight c. Alien Hominid d. Ninja 2. How many times does the Undead Cyclops stomp around on the casket before letting the Conehead ghost back in? 3. Explain why it is impossible to complete the game without taking any damage. Enjoy!
  13. Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom
  14. mgracer48

    The Fail Game

    Fails because of blizzards donald trump
  15. I have a fire knight who is level 60 I would like to complete insane mode on it. Anyone want to help? Note: I only play on weekends and fridays unless its a holiday due to school gamertag is mgracer48
  16. Granted but they are all mean I wish for more active people who play castle crashers
  17. ???? its supposed to be 59 anyway 9