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  1. anybody have any thoughts on some of my ideas?
  2. why Many people (including myself) would agree that the IceSkimo is [one of] the worst characters in the game. He brings nothing but looks to the game, and even that can be accomplished better by the thief. He's a novelty, mainly due to his magic paling in comparison to the Blue Knight's magic. That's just my opinion though. why would he be the worst? he's just the Blue knight with snow balls and a modified thief hood. he looks pretty cool to me, especially if you give him the ice sword and Bi-Polar Bear/Yeti Orb. the worst by far is Royal gaurd.
  3. The King, when he eats that sammich he catches the MACHO MADNESS!!!!
  4. Bobarian. Splash: Poison splash(blood red) Projectile: random severed head(the decapitated a random playable character, blood trails from the neck part) Magic Jump: Poison jump(Blood red)
  5. a tie between the BeeKeeper & the Ninjer. 1.Beekeeper/Ninjer 2.Lava Dragon Demon 3.Stoveface/Open faced Grey Knight I cant see why people would like Orange and Blue knight, IceSkimo and Lava Dragon Demon are much cooler looking and have almost the exact same powers(arguably better)
  6. if they're gonna do it they'll need one important feature before you submit the level you have to beat it yourself.
  7. OFFTOPIC: is there a place I can get info on the actual back stories of the characters and locations and stuff? ONTOPIC: A lot of people want a sequel, but I think thats sort of unneeded. this game has so much more that can be done with it, I think that they should release a new story and section of the map, accessed by going left of the first arena. It should have new more unique characters and locations and stuff, the original locations were pretty cool but they aren't as crazy as they could get. I cant think of any major bad guys but heres a placeholder, scottish kilt wearing, bagpipe playing robots. They've kidnapped the princesses again or something. the first level or two could be at a barbarian camp, they have a new leader(a big barbarian, not as big as husky, that carries around and uprooted tree as a weapon and shakes woodland animals out of it to attack you) since you killed the old one and have a new color scheme(grey Masks, gloves, accessories, and one grey horn on their heads, and black fur, blood red war paint on their masks). another section could be a candy themed land, gingerbread castle, chocolate knights and stuff like that. Maybe a horror themed section, gothic cathedral looking with knight zombies and skeletons and a frankenstein mini-boss, the actual boss could be an old cheesy looking vampire and his sparkling twilight vampire looking son. Another could be a Ninja-Pirate village, another could be an underwater section, another could be you running through an oddly modern looking mini city full of tiny people(the boss could be a voltron looking mech thingy or something) maybe an 80's themed castle or something. Secret levels and sections of castles would also be great, make them accesible by doing certain things or completing a level in a certain amount of time. Maybe have secret boss fights by finishing bosses a certain way or under a certain condition, a secret boss like a member of Behemoth staff or the Behemoth chicken itself or an alien hominid boss or level. I think it would be nice for levels to have multiple paths maybe to different bosses, to had a little more length to them. Have multiple objectives per castle or level, like maybe having to find 3 key pieces before being able to unlock the door to the boss room. More power-ups, tools, and potions would be cool too. Things like: Poison Bombs Ice Bombs Fire Bombs Electric Bombs Stinky Cheese(Makes enemies avoid you for 10 seconds, can be useful if you're low on health in a party) Ghost Fruit(Makes enemy attacks go right through you for 10 seconds, you're a transparent white and you move faster, you can hurt enemies but your attacks are weaker by 10 points) Explosive arrows Time bomb(3 seconds, larger blast radius than regular bombs, costs a lot of coin and can hurt you and maybe party members) A new health system with small/medium/large health potions Magic boosting potion(lasts 10 seconds and boosts magic +10) Super magic boosting potion(Makes you only able to do magic for 10 seconds, but magic is unlimited and boosted +10, its expensive) Strength boosting potion(lasts 10 seconds and boosts strength +10) super strength boosting potion(Makes you only able to do melee for 10 seconds, but strength is unlimited and boosted +10, its expensive) Speed boosting potion, super speed boosted potion(you get the point, super only lets you do arrows) Defense boosting potion(boost defense +15 for 10 seconds) Awesome Elixer(everything is boosted for 10 seconds but your health slowly drains, expensive) Invincibility Potion(you are invincible for 10 seconds but it takes half of your health, a big risk move, expensive) A gun(its silly and out of place, thats what makes it fun, you buy it and it has three 125 hp shots, it disappears after the 3 shots, very expensive) Shrink potion(shrinks to a very small size, you run incredibly fast but your attacks do no damage and attacks on you do double damage) Red cape(allows you to fly/hover at the cost of magic , landing counts as a use, so if you bought 3 of them and started flying, as soon as you land you would have 2 left, expensive) Electric Guitar(You strum it and it electrifies up to 4 enemies, instantly killing them, doesn't work on bosses, most expensive item in the game and rarest drop, +600 coin would probably be a good price) Vine trap(you plant a seed and if a normal enemy walks over it a vine immobilizes them) Fake diamond(A huge diamond that attracts enemies to it within a certain radius, lasts 10 seconds, doesn't work on bosses) Bitey(you spawn a bitey bat that homes in on the closest enemy and starts gnawing on their skull, 3 be spawned on screen at once) Baseball bat(a long baseball bat with a chargeable swing, fully charged swings knock enemies in front and to the sides of you to the other side of the screen) I love this game, but I do wish there was more to it.
  8. I just got a new ps3 after my old one got stolen and I didn't get any of my previous character stats or anything back. I guess its only on xbox or something?
  9. No I mean, they go together, like the peasant and civilian. or the royal guard and Saracen
  10. If you ever felt like doing this again for any reason, you could totally do "2 ordinary knights save the princesses, insane" with Grey knight and open-faced Grey knight. I just thought of this because I was sort of doing this on normal mode online yesterday. just a thought.
  11. I got some nice ideas. Characters Fish(the fish from Medusa's layer, but it has a normal sized body, with a shoulder piece or something, an a round head with that fin mohawk sticking up, with basically the same face) Splash attack: the bubbles of course Projectile: a ball of mud Magic Jump: a stream of bubbles shoots him upward Industrial Prince Splash: Machine pistons rise from the ground sending the victims upwards. Projectile: random animal orbs that bounce off the person they hit and fall to the floor slowly flickering away, like the beekeeper's bees. I think its a cool idea since he's such a jerk, I guess. Periwinkle Groom(conehead groom) Splash: the red musical notes that trail him when he's a skeleton are his splash attack, the staff and notes float out of his hand. Projectile: bombs that send the victims upward violently so you can follow up with air attacks Magin jump: Cyclops instantly shoots up from the ground underneath propelling him into the air, then poofs away. Tricky Splash: a tornado style attack, but brightly colored with confetti and clown stuff in it or something Projectile: Pie throw Magic jump: a little circus trampoline, with a star in the middle or something. Fishcat: basically the catfish boss from storymode, but in knight form. Splash attack: waves rise from the ground, its pretty much the saw blades but with waves instead. Projectile: a hair ball, brown like in the storymode, somehow even though the cat is white. Magic jump: a geyser of water shoots him up. Vlad: An extremely stereotypical looking vampire, batwing cape, pale skin, deep widows peak, high collar. Splash attack: a blood explosions, the same animation as green knights poison blast but red, does poison damage too. projectile: throws bitey bats that temporarily bites grounded victims before falling off doing a small blood explosion animation, if its the air magic or the victim isn't standing on the ground then it just explodes without biting anyone. Magic jump: pops into the air with bat wings flapping, like hatty's, but with bat wings obviously. Weapons Red lightsaber: Its the groom's starting weapon, and it gives +2 speed, +3 strength, -5 defense, and its has a 1% bomb critical chance. whats that you ask? well it has a chance to trigger an explosion on hit, like the bombs, blowing the victim any which way. level 20 Fish Spear: the Fish's starting weapon, the spear the fish people use in medusa's temple, +2 magic, +2 Speed, 1% poison critical chance. level 20 chicken leg: fishcat's starting weapon, a chicken leg, the bone being a long handle of course, +3 strength, -1 speed, level 15 Sunflower: Tricky's starting weapon, a sunflower that looks sort of like a mace, the long stem is the handle, -1 strength, -1 defense, -1 magic, +6 speed. level 20 Human hand: Vlad's starting weapon, a human hand at the end of a bone acting like a mace sort of, +1 strength, +3 magic. Medusa's Comb: that pink comb from Medusa's lair, +4 magic, -2 speed, 3% chance to turn normal enemy to stone temporarily. Bee Sword: a handle glued onto the head of a smaller version of the bee enemy, with an unusually long stinger, skinny like a rapier. +5 speed, -5 defense, 1% critical chance. Shovel: the same shovel from the game, +4 defense. Plunger: Industrial prince's starting weapon, i'm surprised this isn't in the game already to be honest, +2 defense, +2 speed, 1% poison critical chance. Animal Orbs: Bee: The bee enemy, now an orb, +4 strength, -3 speed, occasionally stings low health enemies like a not bipolar bear. Medusa's head: a smaller version of Medusa's head, occasionally turns enemies into stone temporarily. Catfish: an orb version of the catfish boss, +2 defense and lets you move faster in water. Spider: throws do twice as much damage. Nosebert: a disembodied nose, sneezes on people occasionally, dealing poison damage. Ricardo: an angry bull, eats food items, attacks players at low health, not a very good orb but like BiPolar Bear and the fishing rod its just an added challenge. Hearty: a Derpy looking heart with a face, if you have no potions and die it will revive you once per stage. Though I know these ideas may never be seen or even impress a member of the Behemoth staff, I'll be happy as long as at least someone likes them.
  12. I like Meowburt and Install ball. Meowburt because its such an awesome name, and that +3 speed along with the +5 from the lolipop makes me go very fast. Install ball because it looks so damn cool and it bounces, and because its energy ball things stops people in the middle of my combos and I think thats kind of cool I guess. I just wish they made the bee from flowery field an animal ord, it should have been like +5 strength, -5 defense and he randomly stings low health opponents. but enough of my off-topic ramblings.
  13. I think it should have been open faced grey knight from the beginning, instead of the generic troop grey knight. I like open faced better because of the individuality, whenever a bunch of grey knights are around me in storymode it feels like i'm the general or captain or whatever.
  14. i'd have to say. 1. FishCat because he's so cool looking, and he somehow got a society of blood-thirsty polar bears to worship him as a god. 2. Bearded Dragon and his sock puppet, a schizophrenic dragon with a beard is a pretty cool concept in my opinion, to bad he had to die though. 3. Giant troll, I laughed for a bit when I saw its corpse during the credits, I couldn't help but think "why the hell was it crawling everywhere if it had legs?". 4. Painter, I like his design and voice. 5. Cyclops & Conehead prince