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  1. how the heck do i change my gender and profile picture

  2. hey, so why the heck did the game restart me? I'm kind of super upset about it cause i had all the round and square heads, and all the weapons. so, I'm playing on a guest account that's linked to Xbox live but i don't have it specifically to that account, and i was trying to play with other people but every once in awhile it would kick me out and say i'm not logged into Xbox live. (but then i would just say which account i was on and it would let me in again) It got pretty persistent and out of annoyance i just restarted the game, and i get back in, and i'm COMPLETELY restarted. Only one head in each category, and the first weapon. WTF all i did was restart the bloody game. This is so bizarre and i'm sure no one can help me but.. i don't want to lose all my progress.